Police catch gang that has been plaguing hotels in Playa de las Américas with robberies

National Police have caught a gang that has been plaguing hotels by carrying out robberies in Playa de las Américas by forcing entry to rooms either from corridors or over balconies, and breaking into safes. Four thieves have been arrested, two men and two women.

The four under arrest have been identified by their initials, as usual: the men are 32 year old J.P.C.R., and 29 year old C.B.R.T.; the women, 28 year old E.M., and 34 year old M.C.C.R., are the girlfriend and sister of the men, and they are thought to have acted as lookouts who also helped to carry the stolen goods away. The capping irony was that they made off with the proceeds of their crime inside the victims’ own suitcases.

When the thieves’ home was searched, among the items that Police found and seized was a range of tools for breaking and entering, mobile phones, laptops, suitcases, and two British passports. The robbers are now being processed through the courts. PV

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