Police in Santa Cruz told to clamp down on dogs on beaches as council reminds public the rules apply throughout Tenerife

Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento has reminded the public that there are no beaches that allow dogs in the municipality. The council says that widespread public disregard for the bylaws have now resulted in the Policía Local (council employees) being instructed to issue heavy fines for ignoring the regulations.

The council says that there are some websites that refer to Las Gaviotas, for example, as a beach that allows dogs, but it is incorrect. This is perhaps a good moment to reiterate that there are only three beaches which officially allow dogs: these are in Puertito de Güímar, opened to dogs in 2013, and two in El Médano – El Confital and El Cabezo, opened in 2014 (see HERE).

Santa Cruz said that it is routine bylaw in all of Spain that pets may not be loose in public areas including gardens, parks and beaches that are not specifically designed for pet access, and that fines can be in the thousands – Santa Cruz itself can impose penalties of up to €3,000.

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  1. Yet another bye law that is never policed, along with no cycling on pavements, tandem seat disabled electric wheelchairs and car parking infringements. What do the policía local do all day?

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