Police investigate car race which took over all three lanes of TF1

We often hear of stupidity on the roads here, and sometimes the recklessness is so extreme that it’s fatal, whether it’s drivers drunk and/or drugged, or kamikaze drivers going headlong the wrong-way on motorways, but we haven’t often heard of full-on car races. Now, however, Tráfico is investigating a case of the TF1 being used by racer drivers in souped-up cars occupying all three southbound lanes between Las Caletillas and Candelaria, driving slowly until a given point and then speeding off in race formation after a given signal.

Police say that the drivers of the three cars are around 30 years of age and two are locals of La Laguna and Los Realejos: the third apparently comes from Fuerteventura. Their race took place at the end of last year, and Mirame TV has this video of part of it. Clearly there is a cameraman involved too in addition to the three drivers!

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  1. Today they were racing near Tijoco Bajo on the TF1.
    Do not ask me number plates or colors. It went very fast. One had to avoid me. The distance between the cars was less than a meter.
    There was also someone cycling on TF1 near Fañabe.

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