Callao Salvaje still suffering crime wave after months of robberies in houses and businesses

Update 19 July: Residents and businesses in Callao Salvaje say that they are still the victims of a group of organized thieves who have been targeting premises in the town for months now. The main street has suffered eight robberies in less than a month.

Vanessa Arenas, owner of a cafeteria there, says that when she arrived at work she found the door open and everything disturbed inside, with money stolen from the till. Some foodstuffs had also been taken.

Worryingly, there are reports of dwellings being burgled even as people are asleep inside. One resident said that the thieves are opportunists who see a window or door ajar and steal what they can grab. The robberies are happening at all hours of the day or night.  PV

Please, everyone in the area, be extremely vigilant and careful.

Original post 31 May: The Guardia Civil is investigating five robberies in Callao Salvaje restaurants, four of which were carried out on the same night. The thieves broke into the premises by smashing the glass in their doors, forcing the locks, or through small windows. The owners suspect from the way in which they were entered that the robberies were commited by individuals who knew the area well. Only a small amount of money was taken, and in one of the robberies, some meat was stolen. One of the restaurants, El Ancla, was broken into twice, once on the night of the four robberies, and once the night before. The other restaurants are La Fonda, Paris, and the Bodega bar. PV

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