Police make arrest in case of the taxi driver whose body was found in the garage of his San Isidro home

Updated 8 July: Police arrested a south-American man over the weekend on suspicion of being involved in the death of the taxi driver whose body was found in the garage of his home in San Isidro. The  case is sub judice and so no further details are currently available as the investigation continues.

Updated 4 July: The body found in a dwelling in the centre of San Isidro yesterday has been confirmed to be that of a 64-year-old Adeje taxi driver who is said to have died after being struck and stabbed several times around the head and face. Police say that the case now remains under investigation but one hypothesis is that of a robbery that went wrong.     

Original post 3 July: Police say that they are investigating the sad discovery overnight of the body of a man in a San Isidro house. The Guardia Civil says that the body was found in the dwelling’s garage, and that initial indications suggest the man suffered a violent death. The Judicial Police Unit will be clarifying the facts in due course as part of the investigation.   

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