Body found near Siam Mall last month was that of missing Irish tourist Peter Wilson

It transpires that the body Police reported as discovered near Siam Mall last month was that of missing Irish tourist Peter Wilson. The Finding Peter Wilson Fund page on Facebook has issued a statement on behalf of the family whose ongoing search has now come to a sad end. They thank those who were involved with and supported their campaign since he disappeared in March 2019, and say that the family is now making arrangements to have him taken home to Ireland to be laid to final rest.     


  1. Thanks Stephen, and Janet you’re right, that was a different case. There are sadly too many – I’m sure no worse than anywhere else and better than lots of places but they somehow stick in the mind more on a relatively small island.

    1. Author

      That’s a different one, Stephen. That occurred a year ago, a Frenchman who had been sleeping rough and whose body was found in Costa del Silencio. Sara is talking of a body found near the airport before Christmas, around the same time that another body was found in Silencio, a trans-woman who was found in a CC there. There are too many such, tragically.

  2. It’s a concern of course, that there are so very many people who now appear to be homeless…. Here on GC driving to town we are seeing more and more of the forgotten erecting pallets and tarpaulins to form a makeshift hovel to live in. The fact that most of these are well hidden or disguised I guess, means that there will be many more to come.
    It seems to be either the young, (18/25) or the older single folks, but we have found one or two couples living in cars or vans parked in out of the way locations.
    God alone knows what they’re living on and sanitation in those circumstances must be crude to non-existent.
    Since Pay-It-Forward seems not to exist here, we’ve taken to getting an extra bag of essentials, water, toilet roll, cereal and a salad selection etc. and dropping them off to one of the poor sods on our way home.

    1. Author

      That’s lovely, Jon, and a really good idea!

  3. How awful for your friend. And yes, unfortunately I think you’re right about the current times.

  4. Thank you for replying, it is obviously tragic whoever the poor person is. I hope they’re able to be identified and their family gets some closure, even if the rest of us never find out.

    1. Author

      Only yesterday I heard from a friend who’d found a body while walking in the hills this weekend. Tragically right now, there are far too many desperate people, and if a death occurs in extremis then often it isn’t reported for sensitivity … and those who report it are castigated, rightly so, in my opinion. So far in this case, anyway, there is genuinely no further information that I’m aware of, and I don’t by any stretch of the imagination mean to imply anything about the circumstances of this sad incident.

  5. Do the police ever update on these sorts of cases?

    I saw another report of a body found near the airport before Christmas and have seen others in the past – and have obviously seen various cases of missing people in Tenerife. But I’ve never seen the police publicly identify any of the bodies found.

    I have no personal connection so clearly no right to know! – but I think in similar circumstances in the UK, the people are identified publicly if their identity is known. Just wondered what the norm was there.

    1. Author

      It does happen, but usually not this early in a case. They’re all tragic of course, and often it depends on circumstances as to what if anything is released during or after an investigation. Sadly, this one has only just started.

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