Police presence to increase in El Fraile as resident fears rise with recent crimewave

Arona Ayuntamiento has announced that it is collaborating with the Guardia Civil and that police presence and controls will be increased in the El Fraile area with immediate effect after a recent spate of robberies and vandalism, particularly over the past week. Concejal de Seguridad Juan Sebastián Roque said that he didn’t think there was a generalised increase in criminality in the area, but the recent crimewave had made residents more fearful and that the council had to act immediately. The Guardia Civil will be directly involved in the investigation of the recent crimes, some of which will cost more in terms of damage repair than the value of the goods stolen, particularly in the case of public buildings.


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  1. Local hard drug addicts would always choose to buy class a drugs from certain barrios in Santa Cruz,but increasingly for the last 6 years the quality is higher in the el fraile area,to the point that many will now drive from the northern towns to el fraile to buy amounts of 5gram plus and causing a vast exudes of addicts to move to the southern resort,police seem unconcerned or over run.

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