Police say recent child-snatch rumours are false

The national police has formally denied various claims and rumours which have been doing the rounds recently that attempts have been made to snatch children from the streets. Last week there was a supposed case in Arico, and claims were made publicly that denuncias had been made to the Guardia Civil about it, but there was no such case, police say. Nor were there any grounds for two reports a little while ago in the Adeje area.

Police say that such stories, whether started maliciously, politically or mistakenly, do nothing but cause unnecessary alarm and fear for the public. Clearly, child safety is paramount, and all due care needs to be taken, but police are at real pains to reassure the public that there is not an individual or group of child-snatchers at large in south Tenerife, and say that no faith should be placed in the stories which appear in social media without any press or policial confirmation.



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