Off duty Local Police officer arrests British man for Los Cristianos stabbing

Updated 14 August: Arona Policía Local representatives have publicly expressed their gratitude to an off-duty colleague who just after midnight on Saturday arrested a British man identified as LEH for the stabbing in Los Cristianos last month. Police say that a warrant had been issued for the man on suspicion of attempted murder, but that after the officer spotted him in O’Neills bar in Playa de las Américas and called for a back up patrol, he was forced to make the arrest himself because the only two units available were themselves dealing with other calls. Unions say that the officer’s actions when he had finished a shift and just gone for a drink show that the police take their responsibilities to the public very seriously but are being let down by the council. It seems that the driver of the vehicle is still at large.

Updated 25 July: Emergency services have confirmed this morning that the two people who were stabbed were seriously wounded in the incident in Avenida San Francisco just before 10.30pm last evening. Both are British and were stabilized at the scene and transferred to hospital in Santa Cruz: one, 32 years old, to University Hospital, and the other, 45 years old, to Candelaria Hospital.

Original post 24 July: Police are searching for a red Audi after two people were stabbed around 11pm this evening in the Oasis del Sur area of Los Cristianos. Details are scarce for the moment but it seems that the vehicle is Russian owned though on British numberplates. Police ask that any information should be passed to the National Police or the Arona Policia Local, meanwhile they will be searching the Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos through the night. There are no clear details yet as to the medical condition of the victims, but medical personnel are on site, as are the police.

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