Burglary and armed hold ups: yet another incident in central Los Cristianos

Update 4 November: … and in a further incident, a travel agency near the Paseo Marítimo has been held up by a thief armed with a gun who succeeded in getting away with €5,000.  PV

Original post 31 October: Given the economic problems and the sharp rise in burglaries, I try to avoid posting about robberies except where it serves to be constructive, and on this occasion I think it does.

Police are searching for thieves who broke into an apartment in the Tenerife Sur complex in Los Cristianos, forcing the exterior door around 1am on Friday night. They got away with money and jewellery belonging to a couple on holiday in the resort. The couple denounced the theft to the National Police, who are investigating, though the burglars have not yet been apprehended.

In a separate incident at just after 10pm last night, someone held up at gunpoint the reception of an apartment complex in Avenida Amsterdam, which is where the Tenerife Sur complex itself is. National Police are still searching for the attacker, and it isn’t known at present if he got away with any money. The main thing is that no-one was injured.

Reports of such thefts in the area have soared recently, so anyone living or on holiday in the general holiday area in south Tenerife needs to take particular care to secure all external access points, and secure any valuables in a safe.  PV

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