Police arrest two for mini crimewave of Tenerife South chemists and shops robberies

Update 26 February: National Police have arrested two men of 27 and 32 years of age on suspicion of six robberies in various chemists and shops in Arona and Adeje over the last couple of months. Both have a police record, and have been remanded in custody while the investigation takes place.  PV

Update 10 February: Police think the same attackers are behind a new robbery, this time in the chemist in Miraverde. Two thieves, covered with hoodies, balaclavas and sunglasses, got away with just €100, but threatened pharmacist María del Carmen Hernández Pérez with a “cutter” knife. She said that after the Armeñime attack they were anticipating a robbery and made sure they did not have much money on the premises.  LO

Original post 4 February: The Guardia Civil is investigating two robberies which occurred on the same day in south Tenerife, on both occasions with a knife being used to threaten staff and customers. One took place in a Buzanada supermarket, and the other in the pharmacy in Armeñime. The thieves fled in their vehicle on both occasions, and the similarity of the attacks suggests they were committed by the same culprits, who got away with €500 from the supermarket and around €1,000 from the pharmacy. PV

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