Police arrest thief after Las Chafiras robbery and discover a record of 57 former crimes

Update 17 November: San Miguel Policía Local arrested a 30-year-old man last night on suspicion of another robbery in Las Chafiras. The man, identified as Arona resident G.M.M.P., stole a laptop from a second-hand car dealer in Las Chafiras, tried to steal one of the cars and, when that failed, fled over the motorway and hailed a taxi near an escort nightclub.

When he subsequently failed to pay his fare, the taxi driver led police straight to him in a bar near the place he had dropped him off. Police discovered that the thief had a record of 57 former crimes. He is now in the custody of Granadilla Guardia Civil, and no doubt it will be established whether he was also connected with the theft in the Chinese shop the other day as well.

Original post 15 November: Thieves got away with 1,000 Euros in cash and laptop computers worth some 3,000 Euros after smashing their way into the Bazara chinese shop near to Lidl in Las Chafiras in the early hours of Saturday morning. They would have taken a 40″ flatscreen television as well, but dropped it before they could get it out of the store.

The damage the thieves caused just to get into the shop was itself estimated at almost as much as the theft itself. Police were called when the owner discovered the burglary the following morning but, so far, they have no been able to identify or arrest the robbers.

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