Police seek thieves who robbed a La Estrella gold buying shop at gunpoint

Police are reporting a robbery in a gold buying shop (Compra Oro) yesterday morning in the La Estrella area, just before Las Galletas. One of the attackers, wearing a motorbike helmet, entered the shop shortly after it opened and threatened the assistant, who was on her own, with a gun, though whether this was real or a fake is not known. The young woman sensibly did not try to resist and handed over around €2,000 worth of jewellery and money. The thief then fled and joined an accomplice waiting outside on a motorbike before making a getaway. A search operation was mounted shortly afterwards but to date the thieves are still at large, and the Guardia Civil is continuing the investigation, helped no doubt by the images of the thief captured on the shop’s CCTV.


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  1. No one died and no one hurt. It’s not such a biggy in the modern world.

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