Police trying to identify body wrapped in goatskin found by La Laguna youngsters

A 15 and 16 year-old had the fright of their lives around 6.30pm on Thursday evening when they discovered a decomposing body in the area of Taco above La Laguna. The body had been covered with what looked like a goatskin, and then rolled in a nylon covering.

According to the youngsters, they were out in the open air enjoying the view over Santa Cruz and La Laguna when they suddenly came upon the gruesome find. Lifting the goatskin, if that’s what it was, they saw the corpse’s head, still covered with blood. The body was naked and had been placed face down. The pair immediately called 112, and the National Police arrived shortly after.

The site was soon filled with Bomberos, forensic police, and the Policía Judicial from La Laguna and Aguere Policía Local. The order to remove the body was given around 8.30, and it has been taken to the Forensic Institute for an autopsy to be carried out. Meanwhile, Police are checking missing persons reports.

Speculation spread like wildfire as to the identity of the deceased, but at this moment, even the sex and age is unknown. One resident said the location of the body was strange because hunters had been in the area as recently as last Sunday, but the dogs had not found anything.  La Opinion

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