Police astounded by catching one-armed drunk driver at routine La Orotava checkpoint

You just never know who’s on the road, and sometimes it’s no surprise that Canarian drivers have the reputation they have!

La Orotava policía local thought they’d seen it all recently when, during a routine checkpoint, they discovered that they had stopped a one-armed man who was not only drunk, but who was also smoking and changing gear with his right hand, and who had no MOT for the car, no insurance, no log book, nor in fact any other documentation for the vehicle.

The driver was a 62-year-old Aguamansa man, identified as J.M.A.H., who had something of a record with previous convictions for robbery, amongst other crimes. Needless to say, he was not allowed to continue, and the car was taken to the pound by grúa while police carry out further checks.

It’s dangerous enough out there without stunts like this taking place on the roads.  La Opinion

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