Police seek conman operating throughout Tenerife

Update 19 February: And they have him again. Police have confirmed that he was picked up earlier today in Añaza.

Update 18 February 2016: And police are after him again.  Hipólito Félix Rodríguez Ramos has been arrested several times before, most recently in November last year as posted below. The 59-year-old is now being sought for cons of the same type of scam relating to cars and some sort of involvement with the local pound. The most recent con has been carried out in Güímar but Police say that he is operating throughout Tenerife, and has been known to be in La Laguna, Arona and Santiago del Teide as well. He usually wears sunglasses, carries a bag, a document file, and is very friendly, and might pass himself off as a Policia Local, or offer to use his contacts with them, or present himself as a Court official – which is how he will explain that he is in plain clothes. If you happen to have any information, call the police …

Update 13 November 2015: Police say that this man has now been arrested. He was located and detained in the Ofra area of Santa Cruz.

Original post 9 October: Police have issued a public warning over 59-year-old Hipólito Félix Rodríguez Ramos, who is conning people throughout Tenerife in the guise of a Policia Local officer. He is no such thing, but turns up at people’s houses claiming to be from some branch of the local police, to take a witness statement, for example, but always a matter which justifies his being a “plain clothes officer”. He is not a physical threat, but pretends to befriend the person he’s “interviewing”, and offers to sort out some paperwork, get them something for a car because he has contacts in the pound, or something along those lines. Always it will involve handing over some money, amounts between €70 and €300 have been reported – and always he’ll “be back”. And always, he is never seen again.

He has already been arrested once but is continuing his campaign, and is operating throughout the island from La Laguna to Arona to Santiago del Teide. Apart from warning about the scam, police ask the public to call them immediately they see him. Police have issued the above photo to give an idea of his physical shape, and say he normally wears sunglasses, carries a briefcase/handbag, and brings a file with supposed paperwork in it. Police say it’s understandable that everyone likes the idea of having an “inside mate” in the police, and this is the persona that this conman plays to. They stress that the public should be on guard against him, and report any sightings!


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