Police warn about increasing number of fake offers, discounts and promotions

Update 4 October: Police say that these sort of fake offers, discounts and promotions are increasing, with the latest supposedly from Zara, H&M and IKEA. Naturally many will automatically assume they’re suspect, but for anyone in doubt, police advise deleting them, and certainly not opening or answering them.

Original post 19 August: A fake Mercadona “offer” has now gone viral. I heard about it some time ago but thought it was a minor Facebook thing, but it seems now to be widespread, including via WhatsApp and email, and it is being warned about by police and consumer groups. The offer relates to a supposed €150 voucher given variously for those who win a click-through competition, or who complete a short questionnaire. Mercadona say that this is emphatically nothing to do with their company, and police and consumer associations say that it is a pure fraud which aims to get personal details of those who are taken in by the scam.

mercadona voucher

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