Police warn of fake email about citation containing link to Trojan virus

Update 30 June 2011: It was only in December that the police warned of a fake email from policia@goberno.es containing Trojan virus which looked as though it is an official police notification of a court date (post below). Now there is another one doing the rounds.

This one appears to come from policianacional@policia.es with the subject line “Procedimiento investigatorio número 985.824” (investigative procedure number 985.824), and containing a trojan virus which is activated by clicking on a link to download what is said to be police citation.

The risks of Trojan viruses are well known, and police urge anyone receiving this email not to click on that link. They stress that they never send such citations by email. PV

Original post 11 December 2010: The National Police have issued a warning about an email being sent out which looks as though it is an official police notification of a court date. The email has the subject “entimación”, and asks recipients to click on links for information about the hearing. Doing so downloads a Trojan virus.

The email is sent from policia@goberno.es and police ask recipients to delete it instantly rather than open it, and most definitely not to click on the links in it.

The press release was made by the head of the sección técnica de la Brigada de Investigación Tecnológica (BIT), Fernando Fernández. The email was detected last week after members of the public contacted them after becoming suspicious of orthographic errors in it. Of course, this might be obvious to anyone fluent in Spanish, but maybe not to those still learning the language.

Sr Fernández said that this is a massive virus campaign which has affected a great many users. Anyone who receives one of these is requested to let the police know via their website www.policia.es PV

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