Police warn that one of most sophisticated computer viruses is active again

I know that most of us are now aware that we shouldn’t open email attachments unless we’re sure of their provenance, but we can sometimes do it without thinking, and so the Policía Nacional have issued a warning not to open word/zip attachments – generally of an invoice – because an “elite Trojan virus” called Dridex is doing the rounds. The virus, said to be one of the most sophisticated ever, collects bank details, with clients of at least three Spanish banks currently affected by thefts from their current accounts. Police say it has been inactive for a year or so, but is now active again and bank accounts throughout Europe are at risk.


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  1. As I understand it you have to open an attachement to an e-mail on a Microsft Windows system using Word or Excel. Macros then download the malware which steals your on-line banking information.

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