Policeman attacked in Los Cristianos as Arona clamps down on illegal street vendor trading

Update 12 September: An express trial has resulted in a sentence of eight months in prison for the street vendor who attacked a policeman in Los Cristianos last weekend. He will also have to pay compensation of €400 for the assault and death threats made to the officer.

Original post 10 September:  A 33-year-old Senegalese was arrested  on Saturday after attacking a Los Cristianos policía local officer who stopped him as he was selling sunglasses. The police say that their attention to street vendors has been greatly increased over the last few weeks, the result not only of the long overdue fulfillment of political promises in Arona, but also after pressure from businesses in the area who claim a loss of 30% trade to such illegal trading.

Víctor Sánchez, president of the Asociación de Empresarios de Playa de Las Américas y Costa Adeje (Aepaca), said that the street sellers usually flee towards Las Américas from the Adeje coastline because of the firmer stance taken in that municipality. Sr Sánchez said that businesses complain too that the street vendors even enter shops to try to tempt customers away from legitimate businesses. Police say that they will continue to clamp down on the activity, and this attack surely won’t soften their attitudes.


  1. Very important for the local traders to get support from the police and for the police to get support from the public. Are there many ‘boat people’ arriving these days I wonder?

  2. Author

    no, Blanche, very few. The one on the link below that I posted a couple of weeks ago was the first for ages.


  3. They are one of the most irritating things about the south of Tenerife! I particularly dislike how they suck their teeth in (well known sign of disrespect from their culture) as you walk past them completely disinterested in their cheap, fake goods. On one visit back in April I had to grab a “traders” arm and remove it from my friends arm as he wouldn’t let go of him until he looked at the rubbish he was selling! They need shipping back to wherever they are from as they do nothing to promote Tenerife in a positive light.

  4. Craig, we will be accused of being racist next, this is part of Tenerifes 5* Image along with the unfinished motorway, Hospital and all the unfinished and crumbling apartment blocks.

  5. Author

    This is unfair. The new hotels are very much 5*, and the whole point of the new law is to enforce a minimum 3* standard on the unrenovated apartment blocks. And once again there is confusion between the various levels of Government. The tourism standards legislation is at Government level. The anti-street vendor clampdown is at local council level. It is important to distinguish between them (and the third Cabildo level too) if we are to hope that our points will be taken seriously.

  6. Janet, how can we take them seriously when the Government does not even listen to a learned Judge or even their own legal council. Is not leadership supposed to come from the TOP

  7. Well whatever “level” the street vendors are coming under they’ll probably never get rid of them! The women who do the hair braiding are as bad and are aggressive how they just screech across the street trying to entice people! And no I’m not racist either. In our businesses back in the UK we employ people from all ethnic backgrounds. I just don’t like the attitude and general manner of the street traders in Tenerife but have been going long enough now not to feel intimidated by them. Selling cheap tat isn’t exactly showing the island in the best image it could do.

  8. Author

    IDBI, I said that WE wouldn’t be taken seriously if we fail to demonstrate an understanding of their systems here, a failure so profound that we show we don’t even know the difference between Ayuntamiento, Cabildo and Government.
    Agreed Craig, and it’s one reason, I suppose, that the Ayuntamiento is clamping down on them. The main reason, though, I suspect, is because of pressure from local businesses …

  9. Janet, all I am saying is leadership comes from the TOP if they are unprofessional why should the Ayuntamiento or the Cabildo bother re the fiascos with beach deck chairs, lifegaurds and now fining tourists for throwing their rubbish away at the” wrong time “,and I will add that all the basura’s I have used I have never seen a sign with any times on them telling me anything.

  10. Author

    I agree … but we still need to show we are aware of the systems here otherwise we have no chance of being listened to.

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