Policía Local catch Romanian gang responsible for Santiago del Teide crimewave

Santiago del Teide Policía Local have caught a group of Romanian thieves who have plagued the town and caused local residents to demand action. Police say that a chase ensued when the group’s car was intercepted at a control point set up for the specific purpose at the entry to the town. The thieves refused to stop and raced away from the checkpoint, with locals helping police identify the direction in which they were trying to escape. The car was finally brought to a halt on the TF1, and police say that all the occupants were already known to the police here in Tenerife, with one being the subject of an international enquiry.


  1. Great they being caught but normally released after 72 hours and then wait 3 years to come to trial, gives them time enough for more robberies and skip the island. What is required is instance justice. It just proves this when you read they were known to police says it all.

  2. Had my wallet stolen last Friday, 24th February outside the pharmacy in Puerto Santiago, on the hill. Could not report to police due to only 2 hrs to get to Santa Cruz for embarkation on a cruise. Also told that the vale must be €400 or more, I was close but would not be able to prove the amount of cash. Need more plain clothes police acting as tourists.

    1. Author

      you were misinformed about the €400, please see HERE, but it’s very unfortunate that you didn’t have time to make a denuncia because that’s what is required, I’m afraid.

  3. I believe there may be some others still in the area , so people still need to be careful as 2 females and 1 male tried to steal from a Dutch couple on Saturday on the road opposite the farmacia in Puerto Santiago, pretending to struggle taking photos

    1. Author

      The police checkpoint was not in Puerto Santiago but Santiago del Teide town. There are indeed many others around!

  4. A scourge on our society. It amazes me how people think it’s ok to live like this inflicting misery on many innocent people. Let’s hope they get a long custodial sentence and are then deported never to return.

  5. Great news, let’s hope the police start looking closely at the airport where some thriving person broke into my case and stole my two pandora bracelets that I had accidental left in there ??????

  6. Yes pleased to hear. They work in groups pretending not to know the other people around them. They almost stole from me in Puerto. Good job I turned round as I sensed something not right. Then they claimed that I was a crazy woman and should be locked up!

  7. From the shots seen, they are Romanian passport holders only, not Romanians, but “travellers”. Thank good police work and locals, that assisted, but I thought they where more than four, that where stealing?

    1. Author

      The police have identified this particular group, the ones they arrested in the car who have been plaguing the town of Santiago del Teide, as Romanian nationals. There are many other groups and gangs.

  8. They stole my purse outside HiperDino in Puerto Santiago, and also nearly got a friends from her rucksack. Let’s hope they get deported or locked up.

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