Absconded rapist and murderer apprehended in west Africa

Updated 30 July: The Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional have announced that Guillermo Fernández Bueno has been located and is now back in custody. He had been trying to cross between Senegal and Gambia with a false passport.  The police thank everyone for their collaboration in the effort to apprehend the absconder.

Updated 29 July: The Guardia Civil has confirmed today that Guillermo Fernández Bueno remains at large and is still being sought by police. The announcement comes after (but is not directly related to) claims on social media that some people in Tenerife have advised the National Police of a sighting but they weren’t interested: the Guardia Civil says, however, that they most definitely are interested. I don’t know where the confusion has arisen, but please note that the Guardia Civil asks anyone who has any idea of his whereabouts to contact 062, and obviously people can also call 091 (National Police) or 112 (Emergency Services) … and not the Policía Local because they are not the police dealing with this.

Updated 27 July: Police continue to search for escaped rapist and murderer Guillermo Fernández Bueno whose last known address was in Tenerife, and the Guardia Civil has issued the following new photo more reflecting how he looks now. Click on the photo to expand if need be. If anyone has any details about his whereabouts don’t hesitate – call the National Police on 091 or the Guardia Civil on 062 or emergency services on 112 immediately.

Original post 25 July: The Policía Nacional has asked for maximum coverage to find 41-year-old Guillermo Fernández Bueno who escaped while serving a sentence in Cantabria, northern Spain, for the rape and murder of a cleaner in a Vitoria café. He had a permit to leave prison for a week on the 15th, a week last Sunday, but did not return as required last Sunday: the permit was given because he has already served 17 or so years of his 26 year sentence.

Police say that his last actual known address was in Tenerife, and so although it’s unlikely he’ll really show up here we do need to be on the lookout. Please share this information as widely as possible, and if anyone has any details about his whereabouts don’t hesitate – call the National Police on 091 or the Guardia Civil on 062 or just emergency services 112 immediately.

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