Polish national arrested at TFN with kilo of heroin in his stomach

Despite the obvious dangers, as were perhaps behind the recent gruesome find of a body on fire in Arona as posted HERE, there are still some who will use their own bodies to smuggle drugs into Tenerife. This time it was heroin, over a whole kilo of it, found in the stomach of a Polish national stopped at TFN Los Rodeos.

The smuggler has been identified by the initials F.S., and has now safely expelled 117 capsules which contained 1,250 grams of heroin. He arrived at the north airport on a flight from Lanzarote. Being unable to give a cogent reason for his journey, he was searched and later subjected to an x-ray at HUC whereupon the drugs were found. Police say his cargo alone had a street value of €77,000.

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