Power gradually being restored after whole of Tenerife suffers electrical outage

Updated 9.30pm: As of 9.30pm, 65% of the island’s supply has been restored. The remainder should get their supplies back by the early hours. Emergency services say that they attended 759 incidents between 1 and 4pm, primarily for people stuck in lifts that had broken down and alarms going off.

Despite all claims of certain knowledge as to the cause, the investigation continues though it appears at present to have started in a Granadilla sub-station and triggered a reaction in Las Caletillas main power station: reports on social media of a fire or explosion, however, have been categorically denied by the authorities and Endesa.

And athough few will be in any doubt, 112 says that the electrical outage that has affected the whole of Tenerife since 1pm today has NOT resulted in school being cancelled tomorrow …

Original post 6.30pm: The whole of Tenerife has experienced a Sunday afternoon como Dios manda (as it should be) with no electricity to allow for mobile phones, internet, light … some even had no water. The outage is not the first time the entire island has been affected, and no doubt questions will again be asked as to how this is even possible, but the problem appears to be, again, with the substation in Granadilla which triggered a reaction in the main Las Caletillas power station just after 1pm this afternoon.

In total, nearly half a million households have been affected, Endesa estimates, while the Canarian Government has activated its protocols for emergency situations. As of 6pm around 100,000 people – obviously including myself – have electricity back on, and the authorities are working to restore power to everyone else, including traffic lights and the tram system in the metropolitan area. Meanwhile, the authorities are working to establish the root cause of the problem.   


  1. Thanks but we’re from uk and still having problems with mobile phone not working

    1. Author

      THat’s a pity but I’m afraid I can’t help beyond reporting the news.

  2. Thanks for info Janet , more or less what our Technico said , we called him in as our back-up generator for fire prevntion & water supply failed due to an internal problem !
    All ckd & running again – Bars around San Eugenio coping well wth drinks but virtually no cooked food !
    A lot of people confused all day having to talk to each other !

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