Primark coming to Tenerife

Santa Cruz mayor Bermudez opens Primark. Copyright: Clio O'Flynn
Santa Cruz mayor Bermudez opens Primark. Copyright: Clio O’Flynn

Update 27 February: And it’s here, and as of 8am the first 50 carnival-dressed shoppers were already in the queue outside the store. They will each receive a a €25 gift voucher. For the rest, however, it is prize enough that their long–awaited store is finally here.

Update 4 February: Since opening will be at carnival time, Primark has announced that it will give a €25 gift voucher for the first 50 customers in the queue when it opens on 27 February – provided they are in carnival fancy dress. The gift voucher will be presented to winners after their first purchase.

Update 12 January 2014: Primark has now confirmed that the new store in the CC Meridiano in Santa Cruz will open on 27 February.

Update 17 December 2013: It’s now looking like Spring before Primark opens in Santa Cruz … but the company is now in the process of taking on staff in preparation. From this Friday, 20 December, applicants will be able to register on the company’s Tenerife store web page HERE.

Update 30 October: Primark confirmed yesterday that, sadly, it won’t be open in time for Christmas after all. It will open within the first months of 2014.

Update 24 October: Primark has announced that it will be open in time for Christmas. The new store in the CC Meridiano now has its opening licence and is being finished off ready for doors to open. The exact date is still not being announced, but we can now be very clear about the timescale!

Update 5 September: Primark says that today the remodelling works are to be checked and they will let us know the outcome.

Update 4 September: After repeated silences in response to questions about an opening time for the new store in the Centro Comercial Meridiano, Primark has at last said that it will be “very soon”, and that they will shortly have an email address available for job applicants to send CVs. I don’t know what “very soon” means, but it does sound as though it will be open this year after all.

Update 12 December: Primark has now applied for an opening licence for its new premises. The application has now been recorded in the BOC and it just remains to finalize negotiations and complete the remodelling works  to the shop. Primark says it cannot yet confirm an opening date more specific than “2013”, but this is clearly getting closer now.

Update 6 December: Perhaps because it’s coming up to Christmas, but I’ve suddenly had several emails asking about the opening of this new Primark in Tenerife. The last I heard was on 5 September, when they announced that there was some structural issue with the adjacent Zara store due to the works being done to the C&A and Intersport shops which Primark will occupy. At the same time they said that plans to start those works were being finalised … so they hadn’t even started work at that point. I suspect that, as always here, their initial plans to open by the end of this year were optimistic. What is clear is that it’s coming, but not in the next month or so. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll post it.

Original post 27 July:  Primark is coming to Tenerife. The Irish fashion chain expects to open a branch in the Centro Comercial Meridiano in Santa Cruz towards the end of this year or the beginning of next, say commercial sources. Apparently restructuring works in the CC are already underway. The decision was taken after the great success the business has made of its two Gran Canarian branches.  Announcing the new Tenerife store yesterday, the chain also announced further openings in September and October in Pamplona, Badajoz, Valladolid, Alicante and Zaragoza, bringing the number of shops in Spain to 32.



  1. Oh Joy! My patience has finally paid off, I can’t wait for it to get here! Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. Author

    I’ve never actually been in one but have heard so much about them! I’ll definitely be visiting when they open it!

  3. It will be interesting to see how the price differs from the UK.

  4. Author

    Out of interest, the impression I get is that it’s not an expensive shop. Could you give me any idea of the sort of prices we’re talking about in the UK?

  5. Not got any real prices in my head, but it’s quite “disposable” fashion. Cheap and cheerful, so you don’t mind if it just lasts a season. Having said that the baby/children’s clothes are very good quality. Homewears like towels are great too.

    Jewellery from about £1.50 to £5
    Tshirts £2.99 and upward
    Handbags £5 and up

    Problem for me is that I don’t fit in the sizes as I’m too big 🙁

  6. Author

    Thank you … so it’s a stick insect’s shop?? Oh no.

  7. Fraid so Janet. I go for shoes, bags, coast fleeces, jewellery, etc.

    It’s got a mens section too BTW.

  8. To be honest, the goods are really rubbish quality, badly stitched, cheap cotton that rots. The type of place you go in once, and say that’s good value. But if you are sensible you don’t go back. Half the price of M&S, 0ne tenth of the life.

  9. Author

    and THAT’s the sort of feedback I was looking for!! 😀

  10. But I suspect I’m going to be swimming against the tide again. Oh well, head down for a while.

  11. I agree with Derek. Great for the young ones, though. Where I live it’s known as Primani and every other person walks round with their carrier bag. Not very exclusive but I’m not knocking it. Everyone has a choice

  12. Terrible quality…throw away stuff really but in todays economic climate they might do well.I give my grandaughter £20 and she comes out with 2 bags full.Best thing is they have paper carrier bags and not plastic.

  13. I’ve been in a few times and usually come out with not much. Great for buying some cheap holiday type clothes that won’t last a long time. Horses for courses though and some folks love the place.

  14. Its great for Tenerife, it is what it is, I’ve bought stuff from there that lasted ages and other stuff that’s been washed a few times and binned. Great for t-shirts and undies for my boy as he grows out of it in no time. At 1.50 a T-shirt you can’t really go wrong…….only downside is that all the kids will be wearing the same stuff!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  15. Author

    Thanks all! Sounds like there are some good bargains to be had if one is happy with throwaway stuff. The thing is, I’ve found that the cotton in really quite good shops here is far weaker than available in the UK. I’ve always assumed it wasn’t “crap clothing”, as such, as many often seem to say, but just that the weave was much lighter, and so wore through much more easily. So at least with this people seem to know what they’re getting … and pay accordingly!

  16. What a snobby response from Derek but then again what else would you expect! I personally don’t shop in either but out of a choice between overpriced M&S & Primark I know which I’d go to….and it ain’t M&S with their snooty staff and equally snobby clientele.

  17. At the end of the day the demand and results speak for themselves…Primark making record profits and very desirable for investors……M & S profits down and questioning their strategy.
    Whatever our personal preferences may be Primark will offer goods at competetive prices at a time when many people on the Island have little money and are on tight budgets – seems like a ‘no brainer’ to me – they will be successful!!

  18. Author

    It sounds as though Primark has taken over from M&S in one particular respect, and that has nothing to do with quality or price, as such. The reason M&S is no longer popular is that it has lost direction completely, in my opinion. As a younger woman, I knew that for a middle-of-the-range price, I could go into M&S for basics and get anything I needed. I would always be able to find a “normal” pair of trouses, or underwear, or a top, or a cardigan/jumper.

    At some point in the 1990s, though, perhaps even the 80s, I found I was coming out of the shop having bought nothing, even though I was there with money and wanting to buy! Everything was the wrong size, material or shape, it was fashionable (or an attempt to be) rather than basic everyday clothing, and because they’d lost the “basics”, the price reflected their attempt to go upmarket. They were trying to compete with the likes of Gap to get customers who could no longer afford M&S prices, and those who had the money, the middle-range customers, no longer wanted their clothing.

    It seems they’ve still not got it right, if what I’m reading lately is anything to go by. And if Primark is doing “the basics”, then they’ll have the customers. The only issues for me would be whether the quality really is poor, or just at the acceptable level … and size. If it’s a stick insect shop it’s pointless going near it.

  19. Well I’m far far from being a bean pole Janet and there’s usually plenty to fit me.

  20. M&S I am so glad to say have had their day. They no longer have the monopoly on the high street shoppers purse strings anymore. They’ve creamed enough off people over the years so move over and let others have a go…..even if they aren’t of the same “quality”. I agree too that people nowadays don’t have the money to lavish in stores like M&S so good on Primark for filling a gap in the market. As for the future of M&S…..they really don’t have one and I for one have no sympathy.

    And Janet Primark is definitely not for just skinny people. You only have to go into the one in the middle of Manchester any day of the week and you see all shapes & sizes coming out with full bags. Quite funny really that M&S isn’t that far away in the same part of the city centre! Their “green” lettering will be even greener!

  21. Author

    Well that sounds like they’re worth a visit. I don’t think of myself as “fat”, but a beanpole I’m not!!



  24. I think Primark will be very popular with families on tight budgets and teenagers in particular. When my children were younger and growing very quickly you could buy a whole seasons worth of clothing for a very reasonable price. Teenagers love it because they copy the catwalk fashions and have versions in the store very soon after they appear in the press. With teenagers and kids the quality isn’t so much an issue as they are not worn long enough to worry about it.

    However I don’t tend to buy clothes for myself from Primark if they have to last a couple of years, but they are perfect for the one off outfit we may need and only wear once. Accessories and textiles are always good value too.

    Sometimes their stores can end up looking like a jumble sale, which puts some people off but if you can ignore that I would say go and have a look and go often as the clothes change in there very quickly.

  25. Hello Janet. I am very interested in working in Primark in Tenerife. Could you help me as to where can I send my CV and if there’s any way I can contact by phone to ask for job vacancies. Thank you so much!

  26. Author

    I haven’t seen anything in the local news or advertisements yet about job applications. Keep watching my site because I’ll post it here whenever I become aware of it.

  27. Janet where have you got your information from as i work for primark and there has been no info at all on tenerife and they put up bullitins as and when new stores are going to open and vacancies available.

  28. Author

    Widely reported in the local press here, and on Primark’s own website HERE.

  29. The opening of Primark in Tenerife might be delayed until early 2014

  30. Author

    Hi Nick, can I ask where you heard it?

  31. Does anyone know when primark will now be opening?

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