Prior appointment system introduced for public to use Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz

Photo: Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento.

Las Teresitas just north of Santa Cruz is one of the most picturesque beaches in Tenerife, and one of the most popular. And so Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento is introducing an appointment system to ensure capacity and distancing measures are in place, and enforceable, for the public to use the beach safely in the ongoing covid19 outbreak.

The city has recently changed mayors from the PSOE’s Patricia Hernandez back to the CC’s José Manuel Bermúdez, who said that public behaviour over last weekend showed clearly that the council “had to implement new measures for the public to visit and enjoy a day at Las Teresitas beach in safety”.  The ayuntamiento’s Civic Security Councillor Evelyn Alonso said that the system will require people to reserve their beach sector when making the appointment, and that there will be a full information campaign to help the public understand what they need to do. The campaign will also emphasize and reinforce the health security rules for the use of beach services and the obligations with regard to public use of masks at the beach.

Policing will be reinforced to ensure compliance with the restrictions, and to ensure that traffic flows freely and that crowds are avoided, and the council called on everyone to adopt a responsible and preventative attitude of mind in order to protect the safety of Tenerife as a tourist destination as well as the continued public access to this most iconic of the island’s beaches.

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