Crisis in Arona municipality as Policía Local don’t have the funds to operate properly

Updated 24 June: It was only a month or so ago that Arona Policía Local reiterated their call for more officers after the attack on a private security guard hit the news – he had been hired because local police were working to rule in an attempt to draw attention to the lack of funding they were suffering, with insufficient agents and outdated premises and equipment.

Now, the police say that the there have been no patrols over the past two nights, and the main station in Arona has actually been closed for the same period because the designated duty officer is off sick and there is no-one to replace him. Again private security has had to be drafted in simply in order to guard the weapons room, and paperwork and confiscated articles stored in the station.

As the police say, in a municipality with nearly 100,000 residents, this is not a sustainable situation! New Socialist mayor Mena has been a breath of fresh air in many respects in Arona, but this is a situation he really has to get to grips with.

Original post 29 May: Arona Policía Local have long called for more officers in their force, and have today expressed solidarity for a private security guard who was punched in the face while trying to stop a fight that broke out in La Camella plaza during the weekend’s fiesta. Arona Policía Local had refused to work extra overtime to cover the event because they are trying to get enough officers for the force to be up to quota as promised by the council, and so the council drafted in a private firm. Police say that the mere three agents allocated to the event were already dealing with a traffic accident and a domestic violence incident, and so were unable to assist during the assault … which is exactly the point they’re trying to make, of course!


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