Professions and areas that will be most in demand as the economic crisis deepens

With Spain in economic crisis and unemployment rising to frightening levels, La Voz has compiled a list of professions that will be most in demand over the coming months and maybe years, and the areas, therefore, where skills would be most usefully developed. I’ve limited the list to those I consider most accessible to non-Spanish, and hope it helps to give some direction for those out of work.

  • Recycled energy: the skills most in demand are organizers, engineers, economists, geographers, and environmental specialists.
  • Solar panel installers: particularly new ecological energy systems, as well as solar, in new construction and renovations.
  • Corporate trainers: businesses with reduced productivity will want trainers for their staff.
  • Language teachers: in an uncertain market, those in work as well as the unemployed will want to improve language skill, particularly English.
  • Export professionals: businesses will be looking for foreign markets as the home market stalls. A Business Studies or Economics degree will be needed.
  • Sales specialists: reductions of sales and client losses mean businesses will want to improve their prospects. Marketing is often cut back but investment in increasing sales tends to be maintained.
  • Survey takers/pollsters: businesses carry out surveys to discover new products and areas of work to compensate for fall in demand. As well as experts to design the polls, there will be demand for survey takers.
  • Business analysts: experts in reducing costs and improving productivity while not losing competitivity will be in high demand.
  • Internet promotion and publicity specialists: community managers, chief social media officers, experts in usability, specialists in search engine optimization and virtual marketing.

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