Playa de la Viuda bathing ban lifted

Update 19 May: Sanidad has lifted the ban on bathing at Playa de la Viuda. Candelaria’s mayor, José Gumersindo García, said that the spillage has ended, that the Ayuntamiento has asked for new analysis to be carried out, and that works for the second phase of cleaning up are currently being carried out and will solve the problem definitively. El Dia

Original post 20 April: It’s perhaps not the first beach that comes to mind for expats, but in case anyone was thinking of going to Playa de la Viuda just south of Candelaria, Sanidad has recommended bathers avoid it for the immediate future after an inspection yesterday. There is a problem with sewage washing down onto the beach and into the sea from the drains in the road above, and the area has also become plagued with flies and an horrendous smell as a result of the spillage. PV

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