Public asked to help as over €100,000 of cable stolen in Adeje municipality in just a fortnight

Adeje Ayuntamiento has published details of a series of robberies in the last two weeks in the municipality that has seen over €100,000 worth of cable stolen, the department of works and services says. This is an appalling average of €6,600 per day, and councillor Gonzalo Delgado Díaz, has asked the public to be vigilant and help. As he  says, these thefts are difficult to police, and so the council is “asking neighbours and residents who see any suspicious activity by people near or at street installations to please phone the local police on 922 747 206 or 112.”

The Ayuntamiento reminds the public that anyone who is officially authorised to handle this cable and open street boxes etc will be wearing distinctive red uniforms with a council logo, so if you see anyone not wearing this uniform behaving suspiciously, please do call the numbers above. The particularly affected areas are Fañabé, Callao Salvaje, Tijoco, La Hoya, Los Olivos, Las Torres, Armeñime and El Galeón, but as the council says, “this is a borough-wide problem, and in some cases cable has been stolen twice from the same location. We will obviously step up the police presence in zones that are considered vulnerable, but we need your help”.

It’s worth remembering that this kind of theft does have direct repercussions on council budgets and replacing the missing cable would require monies to be found from other council projects. As the council says, if these thefts continue they will cause serious budgeting problems. Not only this, but Councillor Delgado Díaz added that these kind of crimes were also potentially dangerous to passers-by and children along affected pavements as it could increase the risk of injury as in many cases, “the cable that has been stolen is the ‘earth’ cable which protects from electrocution”.  Two very good reasons why we are all being asked to keep an eye open for suspicious or criminal activity.

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