Public holiday this Friday for May Day/Workers’ Day

Just a reminder that this Friday, 1 May, is a national public holiday for May Day or Workers Day. Banks, and any offices and shops that are still open during this covid19 outbreak will almost certainly be closed for this reason, and the Canarian Government has confirmed that official acts and events will not take place as planned this year. For a full list of 2020′s public holidays, please see HERE.


  1. Janet – i hope you,ll allow this. I can only guess at the opinionated comments you,ve received on lockdown – the enormous pressure being exerted especially on Tourist dependent economies by huge vested interests is reflected in ” local press” who equally depend on advertising ( my daughter in law runs a paper in Ascot)

    The number of your readers who daily, as i do, rely, and admire your succinct explanation – greatly outnumber those who use ” comments” for self promotion. Please can you reconsider. The authorities throughout must recognise that relaxation must be as simple as possible – this filters down to the many hundreds of contained ” communities” e.g pools / solariums lying unused – even when there are only 5 properties occupied.

    Keep safe and deep breath!

  2. I also rely completely on your website for correct government information – other outlets are generally like gossip columns and rumour mills. You are really necessary and are much appreciated

  3. Author

    Thanks Bob … this website is not going away! And I’ll reopen the covid19 post to comments shortly … hopefully after the latest update is assimilated to preclude questions! The support is appreciated, and Karen too, thank you!

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