Public meeting on illegal letting

Update 23 January: This is just an update to say that the silence from official quarters on the subject of this proposed meeting is deafening! I have not heard anything more about it, and needless to say, if I knew, I would hardly keep the information to myself, so please don’t expend any effort in contacting me to see if I have any news. I will post the information here the minute I have anything to say.

Update 15 December: There is a public meeting planned for the second half of January in the south of Tenerife. Attending will be the Government tourism department, the chief of the inspection team, and other senior officials of the department. I will post details of this meeting as soon as I have them. Please note that if there is no update it is because I do not have any information to post, so please do not contact me for any details.

Update 14 December: I think that with the absence of any communication about tomorrow’s meeting, we have no choice but to assume it will not now take place. The general view seems to be that they became aware of what they were about to face, and pulled out. The two main lawyers who were co-ordinating the meeting in the south (which doesn’t seem to have crossed Turismo’s mind apart from as a cash cow) say they intend to hold the meeting regardless, but at this stage, we have to assume it will be on a different day. I will update as soon as I know.

Update 9 December: I have just had confirmation that Turismo has been given one last chance to clarify their position, but that in the event that they fail or refuse to attend the meeting, the local lawyers involved in the issue, and who are lobbying the Government to change the law, are going to hold the meeting anyway. I’ll update with further details asap.

Original post 26 November: I’m posting this in addition to THIS in case it gets missed in the long illegal letting thread.

There is to be a public meeting on the 15th December in south Tenerife. It is being held by the Minister of Tourism and the Inspectorate as the public information part of the Government campaign against illegal letting. I will confirm the time and place as soon as possible, but can say for the moment that it will be in the general Adeje area.

It is important that people attend not just to hear from the horses’ mouths the information as it appears in these posts, but also to convey to the Authorities the strength of feeling against the enforcement of this legislation. This will not intrinsically have any real or immediate effect, but will be useful background to the lobbying efforts to persuade the Government to rescind or amend the law. The public meeting will be held in Spanish, but an English translator will be present.


  1. Hi there,

    I have always wanted to purchase a house in Los gigantes and transform it into a guest house, would it be easy for me to get a licence……please help me

    Kind regards

  2. Author

    I’m afraid this will be impossible: licences are only granted for private dwellings if they can be classified as rural houses, which means they must be old and traditional.

  3. Hello Janet. Great site and thank you so much for your hard work in placing the information so we may all be informed. We are in Fuerteventura. We have the same issues here as you will see, and regularly look to your site for up to odate information. Once again, thanks from all of us in Fuerteventura. Kind regards

  4. Author

    Hi David, and thanks for the kind comments. It’s affecting everyone across the islands, so your link to your forum will be good for people to read here in Tenerife.

    Good luck! … and do ask if you need any specific answers that I might be able to help with.

  5. hi,i am thinking of buying a studio at mareverde.the studio faces waste ground and faces atchaman disco.i am trying to find out if there are any plans to develope on this urban area ,i have rung town hall at adeje but they only speak spanish so therefore i am unable to communicate can anyone help or advise ,thank you for your time.

  6. Author

    I don’t know of any, but I think all you can do is employ an interpreter to go to the council with you to make enquiries.

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