Tomorrow’s health sector strike called off

Update 14 December: There’s no notice about the January strikes, but tomorrow’s strike has been called off after Sanidad agreed to guarantee some 1,400 jobs. It seems that one possible way of funding the agreement that’s being considered is to charge a percentage of the insurance cover billed for some health services, including foreigners and road traffic accident victims.

Update 24 November: Within a week of their strike they have called another one for 15 December. They will also strike on 12,19 and 26 January 2012. The strike is currently being called by the majority of the unions, and the others are expected to add their support tomorrow.

Update 16 November: Just a reminder, in case it affects anyone, that this strike is now tomorrow, and that despite talks to try to avoid it, it is still going ahead.

Original post 25 October: Health unions have called a one-day strike on 17 November in protest at cuts to the health budget for 2012. In real terms, they argue, the rise of 2.1% in the health budget conceals a cut of 32.5 million Euros, which equates to the loss of 1,300 healthcare professionals’ jobs, and a salary cut of around 8% for those who remain in post given that they will be required to increase their working hours from 35 to 37.5 a week.

Union representatives say that those who will really pay are patients who use the public health service, whether in terms of increased waiting lists, in diagnostic tests and consultations. They argue that the new budget is privatisation by stealth by the Canarian Government to save money and favour private healthcare businesses. C24H

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