Zebra crossing hit and run leaves one dead and one critically ill in Puerto de la Cruz

Zebra crossing hit and run leaves one dead and one critically ill in Puerto de la Cruz

FURTHER UPDATE 2 October: National Police say that they have arrested the hit and run driver responsible for the death of one person and the critical injuring of another in El Botánico, Puerto de la Cruz, on Tuesday night.  Sources close to the investigation have confirmed that the arrested individual has a police record, and worked as a carpark guard in Puerto de la Cruz harbour. This was the place in which he was finally arrested, his face still clearly showing evidence of the lesions he had acquired during the accident. He has confessed to being the driver.  Diario de Avisos

UPDATE 2 October: Police sources say that the vehicle involved in the accident, the Citroën C3, was found in the Las Banderas petrol station on the TF5 at El Sauzal. The extent of the damage to its front can be seen from the picture above. Using this garage, however, might be the killer driver’s downfall, because its security cameras have recorded him in the act.  It has also emerged that an investigation of the tarmac where the accident occurred shows no attempt by the driver to brake, and police have therefore discounted  the possibility that the couple tried to cross the road with the lights on red.

UPDATE 1 October: The Police Forensic team have now got the car from the Guardia Civil. It’s a grey Citroën C-3. It transpires that it had been rented by a couple of German tourists, but had been stolen from them. They were initially taken into custody but released when their story of the stolen car had been confirmed. Police say the net is tightening around the thief who turned murderer.

The female victim of this hit and run is still in critical condition, and her life is feared for.  La Opinion

Original Post 30 September: A 43-year-old man is dead and his wife critically ill in hospital after the couple were knocked down by a hit and run driver on a zebra crossing in Puerto de la Cruz last night.

The tragedy occurred outside the Hotel Meliá on the TF-312 El Botánico road. The couple, from La Orotava, was dragged more than 100 metres in the accident, a fact that police says gives some idea of the brutality of the impact they received.

The vehicle was found after being traced by an oil leak from a broken sump, and police are still trying to locate the driver, who is likely to face charges of homicide and failure to stop and assist.  Diario de Avisos

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