Puerto de la Cruz tap water safety warning

Update 29 November: Puerto de la Cruz Ayuntamiento and Aqualia have lifted the restriction on drinking water. Concejal de Sanidad, Antonia María Domínguez, and the director general de Salud Pública del Gobierno de Canarias, José Díaz-Flores, today said that tests have now shown that the quality of drinking water has increased to make it safe for consumption. The Ayuntamiento said that the water was being analysed daily for its chemical and bacteriological parameters.

Original post 23 November: To add to the widespread and longstanding problems with drinking water in north Tenerife (link), Aqualia – the municipal supplier in Puerto de la Cruz – has now issued a warning to the public, operative from yesterday evening, not to drink the water in the Las Dehesas, La Vera, Las Águilas, San Antonio-Esquilón, Las Arenas, San Fernando and Taoro-Malpaís areas of the town. Almost 14,000 residents are affected.

Aqualia says that in these areas the public must not drink the water, nor use it to prepare food, until further notice. The council says that it is a “microbiology amd chemical issue” which has compromised the water’s quality and made it unsafe for human consumption, and that they are “working on it”. In the meantime, a client information telephone number – 902 236 023 – has been set up for those who would like further information.


  1. This might sound random, but, I work in a bar in Los cris and for the last couple of weeks the ice we use (according to some customers) has a funny taste, would this be to do with this problem in the north?

  2. Author

    I don’t really have a clue, I’m afraid, but given what is being said about water generally in the north, let alone the particular issue right now in Puerto de la Cruz, it might be worth checking with your suppliers where they themselves are supplied from.

  3. The Puerto de la Cruz authorities are very good at alerting the local community about problems with the water supply. However, you need to understand Spanish because the most reliable source of finding out information about local problems is the van which drives around the local area making announcements IN SPANISH. If we really want (as Eng expats ) to integrate into what I personally believe is a fantastic Community/Country please try to learn Basic Spanish. It is not easy- I am still trying BUT when you hear that your SPANISH neighbours are learning English BECAUSE they want to speak to you, I am ashamed at not trying harder to learn the language and culture in which I choose to live.

  4. What is the fluoride content of water in Puerto de la Criuz?

  5. Author

    I’m sorry I don’t know. As far as I know, the water company which supplies the town is Aqualia: their website is HERE and I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you.

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