Puerto Santiago Noche de San Juan bonfire event cancelled due to ongoing problems with discharges from underwater outlet

Photo: Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento.

Sunday evening will see bonfires on many beaches in Tenerife in celebration of the Noche de San Juan Bautista as I posted HERE. This year, however, those beaches will unfortunately not include Puerto Santiago where the Ayuntamiento has cancelled the event due, its statement says, to “the persistent problem of the discharges from the underwater outlet”. The Council says that it is aware of the problem and understands the disquiet felt by both public and tourists who can be assured that everything that can be done is being done to resolve the matter.

The Council adds that various solutions are being sought to the problem which is not easy to resolve, and stresses that the issue is one that is not just affecting Santiago del Teide but the majority of municipalities in the Canaries, and that it hopes the little town’s two beaches will be able to be reopened as soon as possible. The Council is no doubt genuine in its efforts, and it has certainly offered sincere apologies, but it must be said that however widespread the problem is, Puerto Santiago’s is the only Noche de San Juan event being cancelled as a result of it. There will be great embarrassment about this because the event is very popular, as the image above of a previous Noche de San Juan there shows.


  1. Wouldn’t you think is this day and age a new invention would be created to deal with sewerage being pumped into the sea? I mean wet wipes, toilet roll plus other sewerage don’t belong in the sea. It’s a huge environmental problem just like plastic is and needs urgently addressing. #makeourseasclean

  2. I have been looking out to sea from my terrace this evening. A beautiful evening and I am lucky to have such a view. However I see several square kilometres of what is presumably dull green/grey algae bloom, it is very noticeable when compared to the beautiful blue ocean. Something is not right.

    There are also an ever increasing number of cars on the roads in the south; parking is a real challenge. Try driving to the airport after 4pm ( good luck).

    Has the island reached its capacity limit in certain areas? Is it the right policy to try to keep attracting more and more visitors? Surely the upgrading of infrastructure is more important.

  3. I went into the council offices to ‘report’ it about 6 months ago and they looked at me as if I was mad, certainly it was clear I was an irritation. I even took photo’s with me and they reluctantly filled out some sort of form and sent me on my way.

    I really don’t think they are putting any kind of priority on this and I wonder if there is a higher authority that this can be referred to?

  4. I stumbled across that pipe on Dia Canarias a few weeks ago. It’s disgusting, it stinks – the water is a green/brown with a mist coming off the top and there is toilet paper and wetwipes being pumped out too.

  5. Our complex is adjacent to the beach there and it’s pretty obvious what is being discharged, and has been for at least a year now. Residents and visitors are quite violently sick on a regular basis

    Whatever needs doing may well be difficult but there’s absolutely no evidence anything is being done whatsoever. Some sort of repair vessel was offshore many months ago for about 10 days and that was it

  6. “the persistent problem of the discharges from the underwater outlet” What is discharged underwater? We’ll never know I guess.

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