Punto Ikea opens Friday 28 June in Las Chafiras

From this Friday, the trips “up north” to go to IKEA will be a matter of choice … because from this Friday, 28 June, there will be a Punto Ikea in south Tenerife. The pick-up IKEA is in Las Chafiras, the opposite side of the motorway from the airport, in the same parade as Chafiras ferretería and HiperDino. As far as I understand it, one chooses goods by computer screen and they are then delivered to Las Chafiras from the north. Customers will be informed by text message or email when the goods are ready for collection, any time between 9am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday. What a boon!


  1. Please don’t tell. My wife

  2. So we can’t just pop in and buy a few tealights or towels?

  3. Author

    I don’t know if they’ll be carrying any small stock, Liz … it looks a bit big to have absolutely nothing to buy on site ….

  4. Earlier reports suggested that it might have a ‘Market Place’ which would make sense, one of their strengths.

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