Quesería Montesdeoca has done it again, winning six medals at one of the industry’s most prestigious Global Cheese Awards

They win acclaim and prizes at a host of international competitions, and Tijoco Alto dairy Quesería Montesdeoca has done it again, winning three gold medals, one silver and two bronze, in one of the industry’s most prestigious competitions, the Global Cheese Awards held in West Woodlands Showground, Near Frome, Somerset, last month. The golds were for the Vaca Curado con Canela y Cacao, Cabra Curado Ron, and theMantequilla Tradicional sin sal; the silver for Cabra Curado Tradicional, and the bronzes for Curado de Oveja Tradicional and Yogur de Cabra Papaya y Mandarina. This dairy is world famous and regarded as one of the best in the world. What a wonderful asset for Adeje municipality!


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    In the shop in the dairy itself, or in some Hiperdinos and at almost every major artisan fair.

  2. Where can we buy their cheese?

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