Rainfall brings first snow of winter 2013

Yesterday, Aemet issued a yellow alert for rain in Tenerife today, and although they now issue yellow alerts at the drop of a hat, it did at least mean that rainfall, albeit not heavy, seemed assured. And true to forecast, it came … and with it came the first snow of winter on Teide. The temperature was -3º at 8.30 this morning, and this was the view in Las Cañadas.

Posted on Facebook by Angeles Lugo Velázquez
Posted on Facebook by Angeles Lugo Velázquez

The following photos show lenticular clouds, two of many similar clouds seen in recent days, heralding the current weather front that’s brought 2013′s first snow on Teide.  The first was sent to me by Amanda Cooper, and the second by Barry Smith. I’ve added them, too, to the Beautiful Tenerife page HERE.


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