Rare “living fossil” found off Poris de Abona

Well it’s not a shark this time, or at least it doesn’t look like it at first glance. Some say it’s a conger eel, but others say it’s a frilled, or eel shark, however, and a google image search shows they could be right. If so, it is a creature that fossils show was around 80 million years ago, a rare species, and one of the few still existing with such a history. I say whatever it is I’m glad I wasn’t in the water when it was alive!

This specimen, however, is dead, and it is now the fifth shark (assuming that’s what it is) that has been found dead or alive on Tenerife’s beaches this month. The photo above was uploaded to the Tenerife Mi Tierra Facebook page having been taken by Mercedes Ramos Perez after the creature  was found dead by fishermen near the Poris de Abona lighthouse. It won’t have been alone, of course, and it would be fascinating to see one of these alive, in full movement … as long as someone else were taking the photo …

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