Posted by Mencey.

There clearly needs to be a more manageable manner in which to deal with interaction on this site. It may not appear to be so, but up until now an inordinate amount of time has been spent dealing with readers’ comments which could be made on virtually any post and usually have to be moved to where they belong, and the vast majority of them anyway are made by trolls, idiots, time-wasters or people asking questions which have already been answered. So the time has come to modify the procedure.

Comments may now only be made on the “Readers’ Comments” page HERE. It can be found easily just to the right under the search box and twitter icon. Any comment which is deemed as trolling or abusive will be instantly binned, as will any question which has already been clearly answered on the site, (e.g. “When/where can I get a covid jab?”). Constructive comments will always be welcome, and disagreement is welcome, but uninformed comments which incite to low-level argument are not. If anybody thinks this is restricting their freedom of speech, please see the glossary HERE – also in the mini-menu to the right.