Red flags fly as Costa Adeje beaches invaded by Portuguese men o’war jellyfish

Portuguese Man of War at Montaña Amarilla, Costa del Silencio, 17 February. Copyright: Bart Bogaert.
Portuguese man o’ war at Montaña Amarilla, Costa del Silencio, 17 February. Copyright: Bart Bogaert.

There have been one or two alerts recently concerning jellyfish on one or two beaches in Tenerife, most notably the other day in  El Puertito de Güímar and Las Galletas, but as of yesterday a red flag warning has been issued for a veritable invasion of them in Playa de Troya on the Costa Adeje. Hundreds of the things – Portuguese men o’ war as in the photo above – flooded into the bay, and Adeje lifeguards at the beach decided to raise the red flag. A slightly smaller number, but still enough, arrived at Playa de Fañabé. Thankfully the beaches aren’t packed at this time of year, but if you’re in the area, take all due care not to get stung, and get immediate medical assistance if you are.


  1. Janet I was on Las Vistas beach four days ago and jelly fish had been washed up on the shore and pinned with sticks to make sure everyone saw them. Returned yesterday and the lifeguards were fishing them from the sea and collecting them up. While we were there there was an emergency rescue on the beach and a person was pulled from the sea. A German tourist close by was explaining that the person had dived face first into a jelly fish and had been badly stung. We saw their partner/wife very distraught gathering up their belongings and an ambulance arrived shortly afterwards and the person was taken away. Obviously the info was third hand and could have been lost in translation but the rescued individual was obviously in serious trouble. There were no warnings on the beach, no red flags but the jelly fish were everywhere. Not sure if these are the Portugese man o war ones but seems too much of a coincidence not to be?

  2. Author

    Thanks Mandy … doesn’t that show the difference between Arona and Adeje beaches?!

  3. hi today I was stung by a JELLYFISH on Playa de Troya. I am 8 called Louis. It really hurt a lot at first and the lifeguards were really good and helped me and my Mum a lot. Thank you to them

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