Reflections on the last day of campaigning before Sunday’s elections

Thankfully today is the last official day of campaigning for Sunday’s local, insular and regional elections – in other words, all the political levels except the national general election which is later this year. By Spanish law, no-one can campaign for your votes tomorrow because the day before an election is a “day of reflection”, so, you won’t have to put up with it for more than a few hours now, and then the posters will disappear, and we will see how the political landscape has changed, or not.

As I’ve said before, the level at which we are most affected as foreigners living in Spain is the muncipal one, and it’s the municipal ayuntamientos which are the level we get to vote in. For those who think that voting is an important part of integrating ourselves as residents here, but who are confused by who to vote for, and who are bewildered by the competing claims of the varying campaign teams, let me say just this. Three of the most foreigner-heavy municipalities in Tenerife are Arona, Adeje and Guía de Isora. Two of these are impeccably run, not in debt, well-organized, and with nothing but good publicity for their own areas and for Tenerife as a whole. The other is not.

If you want to vote and it’s a case of sticking a pin in it, then vote for continuity in the two well-run boroughs, and for change in the other. In Adeje and Guía de Isora, the PSOE is in power and, in my opinion, should be returned with bells on because they are doing such a good job. In Arona, to my mind, voting for the anti-corruption and change party is not just essential, it’s a duty because Arona could be so much, and yet its reputation is in the gutter. The party in Arona which is offering something genuinely different is Cuidadanos Por Arona, you’ll see it written as CXA.

These are personal opinions only, but they are at least informed ones, and if you’re in doubt and want to participate, I won’t have led you astray. For how to vote, see my recent post HERE. And at least we can now all relax because after tonight, it’s all over bar the voting …

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