“Leave” wins by 52-48 in the referendum David Cameron should never have called

Whatever one’s view, the referendum has divided the country whilst calling on it to make a decision based on guesswork, misinformation, scaremongering and pure lies – on both sides. And yet, in the end, the people have decided that their history must be rewritten, that their future must be outside of Europe, and, for many expats in Tenerife, their own future in Spain is now a matter of negotiation and uncertainty.

Clearly, nothing will change quickly for those of us who live in Tenerife, but in the medium and long term, where this will leave residents here with regard to their right to stay, or their right to healthcare, or their right to drive, or to receive their pension, or their future generally, no-one fully knows. And the same probably applies to David Cameron, who might now regret calling the referendum that was in essence purely to placate his party’s Eurosceptic wing in order to support his claim to lead the Tory party.

As of 6am this morning, the pound has plummeted against foreign currencies, some other countries in the EU have already made noises about a referendum of their own (Geert Wilders in the Netherlands has just openly called for one), and the issues of independence in Scotland and unification in Ireland have already raised their head. David Cameron may well have succeeded in breaking up the UK as well as the EU. I don’t think that’s the legacy he will have expected … or have wanted. The price of a man’s ambition will yet have ramifications beyond the aspirations and lives of British residents in Tenerife.


  1. Doreen, as I said before we will just have to agree to differ.

    You are correct that a lot of this money is misappropriated by EU governments themselves, however only to the same % as the EU managed funds so at 4.4% or 6% based on the worst case, it is still a staggering amount and is nearly twice the GDP of Andorra, how can misappropriation of the magnitude be accepted? Between 530 and 720 Million Euros a month is an awful lot of EU tax payers money to misappropriate. This has remained the same for many years as reported “as a concern” in the annual accounts. Although they are suggesting they might be able to recover 2% of the money I could not quite work out from the wording of the report if this was 2% of the 4.4% (40+% of the money) or 2% of the 530 Million, but suspect it is 2% of the money which is only 10.6 Million? A drop in the ocean.

    As you can also see from the report this 4.4% figure was based upon a random sample. So it could be much worse, especially if the sample was not that random and from my 20 years experience if feel this is probably the case, as auditors tend to pick on the safe bets not the nightmare cases.

    What this does highlight is the general mistrust that some people have (me included, rightly or wrongly) for the people at the top of the EU and how they deal with our money and as I said that includes our UK MEP’s. Hundreds of millions of Euros a week is a scary figure that should be the focus of the EU to resolve! They should not use long diluted reports full of words to reduce the impact of the amount of money that the EU should be administrating responsibility.

    You don’t have to answer this, but are you living the EU roller coaster that some of us in the UK feel we are living with no control of our own lives, laws and money or are you living the dream in Tenerife. I would love to be living in Tenerife and, yes I could move to Tenerife if I wanted to, but sometimes your wishes are not as easy to realise as you would like.

    End of rant, I will not post any more on this subject or you might think of me a whining Brit lol. I am a Brit full of joy at the future possibilities with my Glass half full.

  2. Doreen, Yes I did quite a lot in fact, I wonder did you. Have you read the Audit report you attached or just googled it, found it and attached it? The EU has errors on its annual account of which the UK treasury have objected to since 2007 (over ridden by EU auditors) (actual FACT errors as reported in the report you have linked) of 4.4% 2014, or 530 Million Euros a month. I assume that this is probably as low as the accountants could professionally get it by smoke and mirrors, but still over double what they are allowed. I admit that my estimate included all of the other payments and slightly dodgy grants that Europe seems to dish out to the rest of the EU without any checking and is one reason a lot of British people want to take back control of their hard earned cash. I will for accuracy amend my figure from £800m to 530 Million Euros a month. As long as you are happy for this amount of money to be misappropriated then I can understand your point. I am not happy for 530 million euros of EU taxpayers cash to be misappropriated, so we will have to agree to differ. The one issue that the EU does not seem to have addressed as yet is once the UK stop sending Billions of pounds to the EU black hole this margin of error will only increase by proportion and how are they going to plug that gap? But you still seem to have missed the point of my comments that immigration was not the main or only driving factor, but from your comments about UKIP I assume that was a subtle point missed.

  3. The UK voted out and this was a majority of 1.3 million people and this UK is all of the UK. Scotland did not vote overwhelmingly to remain, only 60% of Scotland’s people voted with 1 million to leave and 1.6 million to remain, a variance of only 600 thousand, with over 2 million not voting at all. So you could surmise that 2 million people were not that bothered about the outcome. I also find it surprising that so many people think that the UK public are not capable of finding out the FACTS for themselves, only believing the lies peddled by both sides of the argument. Most people in the UK do not believe most of the drivel spouted out by our MP’s and most of the people I have discussed this topic with did not base their decision on the rubbish peddled. So the vote was based on their experiences of being a member of the EU, many people do not trust the EU bureaucrats and they also see significant amounts of our money disappearing in to this EU black hole with EU bureaucrats unable to account for £800 million pounds of EU cash each month, this we feel is corrupt and the EU bureaucrats UK MEP’s included really need to clean up their acts. This is only 1 issue

  4. The turkeys voted for Christmas.

    The Uk is not democratic – if you view the proportion of people who vote for each party against the number of MPs who are actually elected for each party its clear that election boundary lines make it more likely than not that a party with less than popular support will govern the country. Boris as PM – God help the UK

  5. It isn’t a matter of EU member countries being “that bad” and “unfairly targeting” resident Brits. It’s a matter of the whole thing being based on reciprocal agreements. Key word “reciprocal”. Whatever rights or privileges the UK chooses to withdraw from citizens of any given country or the EU in general are unlikely to continue to be provided to UK citizens in return.

  6. It’s probable that ex-pats living in Tenerife will not remember that David Cameron promised a referendum before the PREVIOUS general election, which, when he found himself in partnership with the Liberal Democrats, he renaged on.

    He then again promised a referendum before the last general election, hoping that it would win the Tory Party the election, which it did.

    I have seen today two or three comments in the British press saying that he promised a referndum to placate Euro-sceptics in his party, but that was only half of the reason.

    There is another piece in today’s press regarding a questionnaire to people who voted for leaving, and the main reason was NOT immigration; it was the fact that people did not want their laws being made by an unelected (and what they considered to be an undemocratic) body. Uncontrolled immigration was second. And of all my friends who told me they were going to vote out NOT ONE told me that immigration was their main reason. What Nigel Farage was quoted as saying in the press did not necessarily reflect the National feeling.

    My take is that basically Brits living in the UK want to be in control of their own destiny. It seems that some of you are worried that EU member countries are going to unfairly target Brits living in their country – surely not? If the country was that bad you wouldn’t be living there, would you?

  7. I Live in Tenerife and the U.K. I am depressed that the whole BREXIT debate was driven by the immigration question, of course there are problems around immigration, however I have been surprised by how little people understand about the UKs current policy, the views being expressed that led to BREXIT are based on historical policy. And to those of us who live here should remember we are Immigrants!

    We are now left with the consequences. Boris or Gove as P.M, toxic splits that will not heal, A Labour Party in complete disarray and the Libs are no where. Scotland will almost certainly go for a referendum, when they the time is right. Ireland has much to think about in contemplating there position.What a mess! Given that context how the Heck are we going to negotiate a deal in Britains best interests.

    And for us living aboard can we really expect them to be sympathetic to our situation.

    Sorry if this appears to be a bit of a rant but the consequences of what has happened are of Hugh significance.

  8. Author

    Totally understandably so, Lizmac.

  9. Here in Scotland we were warned by David Cameron et al that should we leave the UK we would have to renegotiate our terms with EU. Many people voted to remain in a United UK because of that we did not wish to leave the EU. Now the Scottish people have voted quite emphatically to remain and we now find ourselves being forced out of the EU by the vote in England and Wales. Now our politicians are talking about another referendum in Scotland. The last time it caused deep divisions between friends and family and the thought of going through it again does not appeal. I realise we should remain calm and wait and see what will transpire but, personally, I am finding it a worrying time.

  10. Sorry that you feel that way Janet. This was a vote that has been wanted by most people living in the UK. For those chosing to live outside the UK and not experiencing first-hand what is happening in our country the result may appear bewildering. However, I feel optimistic that the short-term panic will lead to positive changes now that we can control our own destiny. Thanks.

  11. Thank you for posting such fair and impartial views

  12. well it was at the end of the day the people who voted David didnt tell them what to do but he did warn them of the implications and they didnt listen. They have made their bed now they will have to lie in it

  13. I think we all just need to stay calm and see how this all unfolds. Rash decisions made now could well be regretted later. I find it hard to believe that Spain would risk damaging the multi-million euro tourist trade just to punish the UK ex pats. But information will be key over the coming months, and we are looking to you, Janet, as one of our trusted sources. Thanks for all you do.

  14. I suppose it is a case of suck it and see for though of us who are residents. Thanks for the prompt reporting Janet.

  15. Author

    Thank you for asking, Joyce … yes please feel free to share, though I would appreciate it if you gave a link to the site for people to find the other information on it.

  16. Would you mind Janet if I shared your post im in the uk but have a holiday home in tenerife thank you for your posts x

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