Rents are crippling the ever decreasing leisure premises remaining in Playa de las Américas

The Urbanismo Councillor of Arona Ayuntamiento, Antonio Sosa, and the municipality’s Tourism Councillor, Ángel David Herrera, have said that leisure resources in Playa de las Américas are losing ground and credibility, and becoming a thing of the past. The report cites the closure of the restaurant Hooters and the disco-pub Liquid, which could not generate enough business to pay the rent on the locales: Hooters is apparently moving to a cheaper location, possibly near the Veronicas.

The worst thing, the Councillors say, is that the area has never had such public investment to help it regenerate, but stresses that investment is not actually enough. People have to want to come, and there needs to be a definitive “product” for them to come to.

None the less, Srs Sosa and Herrera had harsh words for the high rents still demanded by locale owners in these hard times. Both business have closed for expressly this reason, leaving just a McDonalds and a huge car park.

Liquid isn’t the only disco to close its doors. The Magic Pirámide in the Mare Nostrum closed its two dance areas some months ago, though the pub there remains open. The only disco of this type still going in Playa de Las Américas is Tibu, and the area for bars is still San Telmo. And, say the two Councillors, in Arona, there is little else.

Sr Herrera expressed his sadness at the current situation and, though optimistic for the future, said that business leaders must adapt themselves “to the new times” in terms of rents demanded for their premises.  DA

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