RESCUE ME! An Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures, and Digital Art—with a Message

There are thousands of abandoned dogs in Tenerife. For the past twelve years, local artist Nikki Attree has been helping the hardworking animal rescue centres on the island to raise awareness of the issues, and now she is holding an exhibition in the Adeje Cultural Centre between 18 and 30 October.

Her work expresses the contrasting emotions provoked by visiting refuges and witnessing the hundreds of dogs in cages. Some images are bleak, lonely, edgy—showing the sadness and hopelessness of these dogs’ lives … others are colourful , optimistic, happy—revealing their quirky, funny personalities. Dog’s Monthly magazine described her paintings as: “Art with a Heart”.

Nikki’s aim is to show that there can be a better future for these abandoned animals and her message is: visit a refuge and rescue a dog! The exhibition opens at 8pm on Friday 18 October; Nikki says to come along and meet her, and help her support the local refuges. You can view her work and connect with her at or on her Facebook page NikkiAttreeArt.

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