Resident tax return season almost upon us

It’s that time of year again when Spanish residents have to submit their tax returns. These are submitted in the middle of one year for the previous calendar year, and the window to submit tax returns for 2016 is 4 April to 27 June 2017. Diana McGowan, an asesora who has been practising in Tenerife for over two decades, says that foreign residents who do not think they are liable to pay tax should still consider doing nil or negative returns – this will allow them to keep up their fiscal¬†residence status, and of course this is something that could be very significant for British residents here after Brexit.

Diana also says “if you have income from more than one provider ie state Pension and private pension your are required to make a return”. She has also explained how the “PADRE” program which was downloaded and produced a paper file has been replaced with “Renta WEB” so all submissions are now made on line. There is more info HERE but my own advice is that anyone who is at all uncertain about their fiscal matters should contact a qualified professional, which is what Diana is – her website is HERE.


  1. I became a resident in Feb 2017 and have been paying tax on an apartment rental since June 2016. Do I need to do the tax return for 2016? I assume my wife must also make a return.

  2. Author

    I can’t adbvise on tax matters, BillyD, you need to speak to a tax expet like Diana McGowan.

  3. I arrived in January 2018, but bought apartment in Nov 2017. The only income being received is house rental from the UK. Do I still need to complete a tax return as I have only been here since January full time, and do I declare rental income, which is also subject to self assessment tax back home in UK.

  4. Author

    I’m afraid you’ll need to ask someone who is qualified in tax matters, so I suggest contacting Diana, whose details are in the post above.

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