Finally an end in sight for Los Abrigos roadworks

Photo: Ashotel.

Photo: Granadilla Ayuntamiento

Updated 12 May 2017: At last it appears that an end might be in view to the ongoing fiasco that left the main TF643 through Los Abrigos a neglected building site for the best part of two years. Granadilla Ayuntamiento has said that works, which resumed in December after being paralyzed for more than a year have now entered their final phase with works to apply finishing touches and paving restarting yesterday: they should be completed within a week.

Updated 1 October 2016: The poor residents of Los Abrigos. What are they supposed to do? Not only have these works not been finished, they are now in a state of complete abandonment, with plants even taking root in them, and temporary road signs still on the tarmac … and in some parts no tarmac at all. Worse, if anyone knows what the delay or problem is, they are not saying. These photos, all from Tenerife Vial, are evidence to a public shame.




Original post 11 February: There have been quiet references, but no real noise, about the ongoing roadworks in Los Abrigos which started around a year ago and which appear to have ground to a halt five or so months ago. As one local resident says, “most of the on street parking has been turned into an enormous footpath about 15 meters wide. Work then stopped leaving deep trenches across the road and raised man hole covers. Rather than being improved the town has been turned into something resembling a third world jungle village where every day you risk damaging your car just by passing through. If there is no money to finish why did they start in the first place? I fear this situation is seriously damaging the small local businesses.”

The council itself has taken up the matter with the Cabildo, which is co-financing the works. The La Opinión newspaper published THIS on 1 February reporting how the Ayuntamiento was pressuring the Cabildo to finish the works in order to safeguard the public, including schoolchildren and traffic. Ashotel, the hoteliers’ group, also published THIS scathing article on how a supposed touristic area was being treated, and how it was being left as an eyesore.

Now, there is a Los Abrigos neighbours meeting scheduled for 4pm next Tuesday, 16 February, when the state of the town will be discussed. There is a Facebook post HERE about the meeting in the Civic Centre from the Residents’ Associacion “Defending Los Abrigos”. The mayor of Granadilla and the Cabildo roads councillor will themselves be present. Hopefully there will be some clear information on how long this state of affairs will continue, and how long the residents will need to wait to get their road and their village back to normal!

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  1. We have the same problem in Callao Salvaje, a lot of projects have been started and then suddenly everybody disappears … still waiting for them to come back and finish what they started (((

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