Responsible whale and dolphin watching with the Blue Boat flag

Whale and dolphin watching is understandably very popular here with tourists and residents alike, and Tenerife Turismo has thanked all the companies that operate responsibly, and work with the “Quality Charter” complying with the regulations. When booking an excursion, Turismo says, look for boats bearing the Barco Azul/Blue Boat flag, as above, and lists all the following as doing so, though others will no doubt have the flag who are not on this list.

Atlantic Eco Experience
Flipper Uno
Marítima Acantilados
Tenerife Dolphin
Neptuno Sea Company
Eden Catamaran
Ocean blue tenerife
Travelin Lady


  1. Hi Janet. Hope you can help. I am looking for info to obtain the blue boat flag. Regards Mark.

    1. Author

      I can’t help, I’m afraid, you will need to contact either the Cabildo or the Canarian Government.

  2. Monitored responsible whale watching I am in favour of but it does not appear to be monitored. Daily, in the “Protection Zone” along the Adeje coast I see a posse of craft vying for pole position. Some of the daily ferries also cut through this zone or very close to it. Probably the most disruptive are the jetskis that daily search out the dolphins and whales. So yes to the ‘blue boats’ but please please someome MONITOR the “Protected Zone” as the Whales and Dolphins look unprotected!

  3. “Blue Boat” is a good thing to consider when looking to conserve our nature, but I would love to share my whale and dolphin watching experience, however, I didn’t pay attention to the fact whether Freebird Catamarans have “Blue Boat” or not.

    The experience was quite fascinating as well as intimidating. It’s because when you come across the beauty of nature after a while, you tend to feel sudden newness in you, you start to feel things as they happen, and that’s exactly happened with me while I was watching those huge mammals indulging in playful activities.

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