Reyes para todos

It’s a tradition now that there’s a collection event every Christmas, the day before Christmas Eve, for presents for those who are less fortunate than others. Most councils organize similar collections, but this main one is called Reyes para todos, “Kings for all”, named for the three Kings who bring presents in Spain on Kings Eve, 5 January, for Spanish children to open on Reyes morning, 6 January, just as Father Christmas does in many other places on 24 December for children to open on Christmas morning.

All the main organizations get involved in the official collection, from TV stations to Cruz Roja, to Bomberos and Ayuntamientos, the Tenerife cabildo and others, each of them collaborating on behalf of the disadvantaged to get toys and games for children, and presents for the elderly. And so again this year, on Friday, 23 December, there will be a major collection, and if you can help, then the place to be is Plaza del Principe, Santa Cruz, from 5 to 9pm. There’s a map below for those who aren’t familiar with Santa Cruz.

Plaza Principe


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